Registered Teams


Principia College, United States     No. 32

Team Manager, Dr. Joseph Ritter

Principia is a small liberal arts college of 550 students located on the
bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River, 45 minutes north of St. Louis, Missouri, USA... [More]

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University of Tehran, Iran     No. 7

Team Manager, Dr. Karen Abrinia

Persian Gazelle is the first solar vehicle in Iran and Middle-East. Design
team are students and professors of Mechanical Engineering department
of Engineering faculty of University of Tehran. Design and ...[More]

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Ashiya University, Japan     No. 81

Team Manager, Kunio Nakagawa

Now we are living a very rich life with using so much fuel, for example
cars. In other hand, we have several social problems from... [More]

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Tokai University, Japan     No. 5

Team Manager, Kouhei Sagawa

Our project launched this year in 2006. We actively work for the resolution
of a number of issues such as energy, environment, etc. We have three
fields we are currently involved in ... [More]


KAMM Solar Racing, Germany     No. 1

Team Manager, Mr. Joachim Kamm



Nat. Kaohsiung University o Appl. Sciences, Taiwan    No. 195

Team Manager, Dr. Herchang AyBChin-Lien, Wei

Heliodet 6, Germany     No. 21

Team Manager, Mr. Detlef Schmitz
Link to Official Website

Our team HelioDet 6, has attended many international races. We have attended every event of the World Solar Challenge in Australia since 1987. Our team name, HelioDet has a two-part meaning...[More]


Nat. Kaohsiung University of Appl. Sciences, Taiwan     No. 95

Team Manager, Dr. Herchang Ay

Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences is a medium-sized niversity
located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; the second largest city in the country.
With the recently established Southern Solar School... [More]



Southern Taiwan University of Technology, Taiwan     No. 68

Team Manager, Wei-Chin Chang

The Phoenix solar car team is new in the solar car society, only two years
old so far even for the senior members. However, our team entered WSC
2005 and finished the whole journey... [More]




Middle East Technical University, Turkey     No. 12

Team Manager, Esen Cevik

We have started this project two and half years ago and within this time
we have designed two solar cars. This car -Ekinoks- is our second and
new car. Actually our car has been designed... [More]


University of Minnesota, United States     No. 35

Team Manager, Jeff Hammer

The University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project formed in 1990 to
pursue the 'brain sport' of solar racing. After 6 prior cars, Borealis III
was born: by far the cleanest and most powerful car designed ... [More]



Aurora Vehicle Association, Australia     No. 101 (withdrawn)